McNeilus is excited to announce that their Headquarters in Minnesota has been awarded TRUE Platinum certification for zero waste.The environmental group on campus continues to focus on ways to reduce waste in their manufacturing facilities, office buildings, parts distribution center and Minnesota Service Center. This highest level of certification is the accomplishment of all of the McNeilus team members committed to improving the environment. The TRUE program rates how well facilities minimize their non-hazardous, solid wastes and maximize their efficiency using resources.

TRUE is the first zero waste certification program dedicated to measuring, improving and recognizing zero waste performance by encouraging the adoption of sustainable resource management and waste reduction practices which contribute to positive environmental, health and economic outcomes. TRUE:

  • Is designed to help guide this transition by supporting businesses and communities in re-thinking old assumptions and re-designing processes to ensure that all resources are valued for their highest and best use.
  • Promotes a whole systems approach aimed at changing how materials flow through society, resulting in no waste. It focuses on upstream efforts including redesign, reduce and reuse and is not limited to downstream efforts.
  • Operates with the goal to divert all solid waste from the landfill, incineration and the environment. Facilities achieve certification by meeting an average of 90% or greater overall waste diversion over a period of 12 months, as well as implementing minimum program requirements within the TRUE Rating System.
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