Meridian Waste, an integrated, non-hazardous solid waste services company, announced it has completed the acquisition of the West Transfer Station outside of St. Louis, Missouri and the related hauling business, effective September 1, 2019. Meridian Waste Missouri, LLC acquired the municipal solid waste (MSW) transfer station permit #0418302 known as the West Transfer Station. The purchase also includes commercial, industrial and residential subscription contracts located in the counties of St. Charles, Franklin, Lincoln and Warren.

Under the previous ownership, the West Transfer Station, located at 2730 Veteran’s Memorial Pkwy, had not been operational for the last 10 years.  However, the permit is active under the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and the site is permitted to accept MSW waste from commercial and residential customers. The accepted waste will be properly disposed of at Meridian Waste’s Eagle Ridge Landfill in Bowling Green, Mo.

“This acquisition represents smart, efficient and environmentally beneficial industry best practices in a competitive marketplace resulting in enhanced service performance, consolidated trucking routes, and greater internalization into the company’s disposal assets,” said Dave Lavender, Meridian Waste’s Chief Operating Officer.  “As Meridian Waste evaluates and improves financial and operational margins, the marketplace will see continued proactive decisions to shed itself of unprofitable contracts, in particular underperforming residential governmental contracts that restrict the ability to adjust to market conditions, and shift towards geographic areas where we can internalize volumes and maximize overall company performance.  It’s truly a win for all, most importantly the customers we serve in the north and west St. Louis marketplace.”

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