What happens with all of that leftover food from buffets, conventions and events on the Las Vegas Strip? Some casinos are making sure it doesn’t end up in the trash.

There are 11 recycling docks at Mandalay Bay. Brittany Price oversees a few new programs to make sure the hotel’s five-star food doesn’t go to waste. “We have 40,000 rooms on the Strip, 400 restaurants over 4 million square feet of convention space, so we serve a lot of food,” Price said.Price is the director of sustainable operations at MGM Resorts.

First, MGM resorts sends what it can to the food bank, Three Square. Other unserved food goes to the pigs at Las Vegas Livestock. Now Mandalay Bay has a new use for its leftover coffee. “The coffee is collected from conventions and banquets,” Price said.

The coffee grounds get turned into compost, then go back into the ground as fertilizer. “That later gets sent to a local nursery, then bought back by MGM for landscaping around our properties,” Price said.

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