Micron Waste Technologies Inc. opened its waste treatment innovation centre in Metro-Vancouver. The new Delta facility will be the operational headquarters for Micron’s research team, led by Chief Technology Officer Dr. Bob Bhushan. Current and future research will include the development of commercial applications for new waste treatment targets produced by a variety of industries, including brewing and distilling, biopharmaceutical, food processing, oil and gas, agribusiness and pulp and paper. Micron’s first two waste treatment systems – the Cannavore™ cannabis waste unit and the Organivore™ food waste unit – will be market-ready later this year and models were on-site for viewing.

“The Micron Waste Innovation Centre will be home to the heart of our company – the patented platform we innovated to rapidly bio-engineer and commercialize waste treatment solutions for a wide range of urgent waste problems,” said President & CEO Alfred Wong. “We have used the platform to create solutions for management of food and cannabis waste and will now expand our focus to the build a robust pipeline of additional proprietary waste solutions.”

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