A new Mid-Coast Solid Waste Corporation facility manager was hired July 5. The MCSWC Board and Executive Committee held a closed meeting July 5 during which slight edits were made to a contract, according to Board member Owen Casas. After the closed meeting ended, the board voted to hire a facility manager under the proposed contract, with minor edits. Board members agreed to not disclose the name of the newly hired manager until the edited contract is completed and signed, Casas explained.

While most members voted in favor of the hire, the vote was not unanimous, according to Casas.

The MCSWC Board is made up of representatives from the towns of Camden, Rockport, Lincolnville and Hope. Town managers from each of the four towns, plus Casas, who is Board chairman, make up the Executive Committee. The town managers are not voting members.

Under Maine law, public entities can conduct closed meetings, where the public is not allowed, to discuss personnel matters. The decision and vote to hire cannot be made during the closed meeting, and must be done during an open meeting.

The stated purpose of the meeting was the hiring of a new manager for MCSWC, according to Casas. The transfer station facility in Rockport has been without a manager since January, when former manager Jim Guerra submitted his resignation letter. The Executive Committee has served as the facility manager since that time.

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