Morgan Conservation District has partnered with Waste-Not Recycling, the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, Morgan County 4-H Exchange, and Fort Morgan FFA to provide an alternative to traditional disposal techniques for twine.

Instead of burning, burying, or paying for disposal, twine can now be sorted, cleaned and recycled into plastic pellets which can then be used to create various plastic storage containers. A 2017 grant from the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment allowed for the purchase of a pelletizer to transform the twine into plastic pellets. The pelletizer is currently located at Waste-Not Recycling in Johnstown, Colo. Waste-Not Recycling will pay youth groups for bringing in twine to be recycled. Volunteers or community members are welcome to participate and drop off twine but will not be paid for their work. Instead, they can donate the twine to the youth group or program fund.

Currently, both Morgan County 4-H Exchange and Fort Morgan FFA have participated with the sorting and cleaning of twine. Morgan Conservation District helps with administering the Morgan County Baling Twine Recycling program and pays youth groups $0.10 per pound of twine recycled, through Waste-Not Recycling’s program.

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Author: Morgan Conservation District, The Fence Post
Photo by Joshua Hoehneon Unsplash.