Sessions you used to find at NAWTEC (North American Waste to Energy Conference) are merging into SWANApalooza in 2020, building on the conference theme “Connecting Our Resources.” At the same time, SWANA’s Waste to Energy Technical Division is focusing on new technologies as the industry evolves. Now called Waste Conversion and Energy Recovery, the division and its leadership will be presenting alternative waste disposal options to address a rapidly changing waste management landscape.

One focus will be on plastic transformation techniques, since plastic is a major segment of the waste stream and is at the forefront of domestic and global concerns. Learn more about the chemical components of different types of plastics and innovative processes being implemented to manage recovered plastic, along with the economics of developing large scale applications of those processes.

Another waste management process of interest to SWANA members is anaerobic digestion, which diverts organics from landfills. Learn from someone who has been doing this for more than a decade, and ask questions to determine whether this would work for your community.

The waste to energy industry in North America also has had to develop robust engagement plans to address concerns from community members about the effect of a facility in their neighborhoods. Participants will engage in a crowdsourcing exercise to brainstorm strategies for a specific project, and take away ideas that will work for you, too.

Interacting with members of other industry segments at SWANApalooza both on the trade show floor and in the educational sessions, you will cultivate a meaningful network that explores the development of an integrated solid waste program, and how the industry is moving beyond traditional disposal to the advancement of waste as a resource. Come to  SWANApalooza 2020 on March 23-26 in Atlanta, Georgia, to learn and network with more than 1,000 other attendees, and participate in this exciting way of connecting our resources.

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