A new amendment to the Universal Recycling Law could benefit commercial trash haulers. The bill introduced by Senator John Rodgers says,

"the bill would also strike the requirement that commercial haulers, beginning on July 1,2018, offer the service of collection of food residuals separate from other solid waste."

Whether it passes, or not. You will still be required to compost state wide, starting July 1st, 2020.

New to Vermont and composting is Ashlea Sullivan, she has been at it for nearly three months.

"It’s wonderful for the environment. And I feel good being able to make a difference, even with a small impact," said Sullivan, a South Burlington resident.

As the law is written, anyone who generates any amount of food waste will have to compost. Starting July 1st, 2020.

"I was surprised to find that most of our waste at home was food products, and other compostable products. We were taking out the trash so often because it was smelling bad," she said.

But, it wasn’t the upcoming law that got her started.

"It’s going to helping plants grow, and there are so many useful to use compost for, which is amazing," she said. Sullivan is happy that her waste, isn’t going to waste.

Joe Sinagra, the Sustainability Director for Myers Waste & Recycle says, "The new law just means more people will be able to compost."

Sinagra says, they have been preparing for the new law. In fact, they already have a truck dedicated to picking up compost from their customers. But going full scale, will come with growing pains.

"For all haulers, regardless of of size, it’s figuring out mechanics of doing it," said Sinagra.

He tells us, a new truck can easily run a company over one hundred thousand dollars.

The last step towards Universal Recycling would require all haulers in the state to provide a pick up service for food waste. Start date, this July. This is where the bill, introduced by Senator Rodgers comes into play.

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