Texas-based company Waste Connections U.S. Holdings, Inc., has entered into a deal to buy New Bedford’s ABC Disposal and its sister companies. In December, President of ABC Disposal, Michael Camara, sent a letter to Rochester Town Administrator Suzanne Szyndlar to notify the town of the pending sale and that as a condition of the sale, the Rochester Host Community Agreement will be assigned to Waste Connections. The sale is expected to be finalized by February.

ABC Disposal has been criticized by residents since summer about missed homes and the skipping of entire streets. Some are concerned that the new company will do away with on-call free garbage pickups, while others believe new ownership will mean an improvement in services. Since the new company will in all likelihood keep the present employees, there will be little to no change in how collections have been handled since summer unless the new management decides to take these complaints seriously.

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Author: Michael Silvia, NewBedfordGuide.com
Image: NewBedfordGuide.com