Go Green OC is a brand new campaign with one goal: to reinitiate recycling in Ocean City, to end waste incineration, and move to zero waste goals as in composting.

But recycling isn’t anything new to ocean city. The town had it up and running for several years until it stopped in 2009.

Ocean City says it cost them $1.5 million dollars and they went through 33,000 tons of waste each year.

Jessica Waters, Ocean City’s Public Information Officer tells 47 ABC, “Of that 33,000 tons of trash that we were consuming, only 10% of that was actually getting recycled, which means 90% of it was going to the landfill, so for the town of Ocean City that was an unacceptable practice.”

So instead the town decided to adopt a waste to energy option: incinerate the trash, stop recycling, and use the leftover money to help with other environmental projects.

But Go Green OC believes it’s time to give recycling another shot. Founder Josh Chamberlain says it’s more efficient to recycle and compost than incinerate waste.

And he believes they’ve found a way to fund it, “The consultants that I’ve met with have shown us ways of obtaining grants, zero interest loans that specialize in this type of stuff.”

Despite opposing views, both parties want to keep the town environmentally friendly and clean.
OC created a Green Team several years ago to come up with initiatives.

Go Green OC is meeting with the Green Team Wednesday, May 9th. If they find that they should approach the council with their findings, they will setup a meeting with the Mayor/Council. This is the first step of many.

To read the full story, visit http://www.wmdt.com/news/maryland/new-campaign-wants-to-bring-recycling-back-to-ocean-city/739783424.