The City Council in January approved the rates, which coincide with expanded services outlined in the city’s 10-year waste reduction, diversion and recycling plan. City leaders set a goal to divert 40 percent of trash from the landfill by 2027. The current rate is about half that. The city plans to expand curbside recycling to apartments of 24 units or fewer, without an additional fee. Commercial cardboard and paper recycling also will come at a discount. Businesses also will be able to recycle glass and take part in the city’s food-waste compost program.

Commercial rates vary depending on the size of the container and how many times weekly it gets picked up. Rates also will increase at transfer stations for out-of-city haulers as a way to encourage diversion, according to the release. The council last year hired MSW Consultants to study and recommend a change in rates to accommodate the expanded services. The average increase across residential customers will be about 5 percent.

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