An air state facility permit awaiting approval for SungEel MCC Americas’ proposed lithium ion battery recycling facility was granted by the Department of Environmental Conservation. The permit allows the company to construct and operate a lithoum ion battery recycling plant. The facility is now one step closer to beginning operations at 801 Clark St. on Endicott’s Huron Campus.

Many residents are charged up over the safety of the facility, after dozens of public comments were submitted to the Department of Environmental Conservation expressing concern. SungEel MCC Americas says it would be the first of its kind facility here in the United States. The company’s joint venture partner, SungEel HiTech, currently operates a similar facility in South Korea. Much of the concern around the plant comes from the history of lithium ion batteries. They are known to be highly flammable and linked to fires and injuries across the U.S.

Public records issued by the DEC about the SungEel HiTech plant in South Korea, show dozens of toxic chemicals could be involved in the recycling process. SungEel MCC Americas told 12 News emissions will be monitored, controlled and tested to meet air quality standards.

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Author: Chloe Vincente,
Photo: SungEel MCC Americas,