The town’s landfill disposal operations are going upward before they expand outward. Landfill managers plan a vertical expansion atop the disposal cell at the entrance off Route 28, adding some 40 feet to the height of that area. That operation would be worked southward over older cells. The new cell when eventually filled and capped would be visible from the Bourne Bridge, but not serve as a motoring distraction. New trash disposal would sit atop buried construction debris and material from the old town dump.

The Bourne Planning Board voted 6-0 to approve the landfill site plan for expansion. Board member John Carroll Carroll abstained. There were no comments from the public. This proposed expansion is part of preparations for the future of the facility. It would essentially buy landfill managers time to fill the current Phase 6 cell, secure permits for more disposal expansion and also plan to use 12 more acres bought off MacArthur Boulevard.

The 12 acres, however, would not be for disposal operations. Rather it would accommodate the Residential Recycling Area and other functions such as offices, storage and garage needs. Funding and design for that aspect of future construction remain to be worked out.

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Author: Paul Gately, Cape Cod Times
Paul Gately, Cape Cod Times