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November 2021
In the Spotlight
Fairfax County, VA’s Solid Waste Management Program: Sustainable Success
Through its innovative programs, community outreach and a revamped safety program, Fairfax County’s Solid Waste Management program continues to stay ahead of industry trends and standards, and to implement efficient, yet effective, ways to provide services to the community that help maintain a clean, safe and healthy environment.

A Look Ahead
First of Two parts: Waste in 2050
From collection vehicle to the labor force and regulatory changes, several experts in the industry give their insights on the future of waste.

Facilities Planning and Design: Building a Successful MRF
Determining modifications when taking over an existing facility in order to convert it to a new MRF.
Jeff Eriks and Evan Williams

Industry Trends: The Solid Waste Industry in the Post-Pandemic World
The COVID-19 pandemic brought sweeping changes to the U.S., including impacts to the solid waste industry, which was designated as an essential industry and continued to work during the crisis. For some haulers and cities, it has been a time for reinvestment and taking steps to make things work better or to try to create change for the better in the future.
Marc J. Rogoff and David Biderman

Personnel: How to Become a Company Where People Want to Work
The fight for talent is real. Today’s waste and recycling companies can help their hiring efforts by putting consistent, conscious effort into making their site a place where people want to work.
Pat Hudson

Scales: When to Combine Scale Hardware and Software in an RFP
Finding a solution that works for you and justifies an annual or monthly fee, should not be like throwing a dart at a board. The right solution will check all the boxes.
Dalton Handy

Business Growth: Profitability Tips for a Successful Solid Waste Hauling Business
While you are exploring the available growth opportunities, remember to evaluate costs versus benefits.
Kevin McGinn

Arms and Lifters: The Ups and Downs of Industrial Lifters
Industrial lifts are a great investment. Regardless of the application, many considerations should be thought out before purchasing any equipment.
James Rimsa

Software: Tools for Visual Impact Assessments at Solid Waste Facilities
Telling the story of how a project will look from the user’s perspective.
Randy Nolden

Waste Diversion/Reuse: A Better Way to the Office of Tomorrow
Sustainable decommissioning is a system that can be calibrated for all manner of large organizations, ensuring that whatever the future of the workplace holds, the way to get there can benefit the community, the environment and the bottom line.
Trevor Langdon

Sustainability: Embracing Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting Creates Opportunities for the Bottom Line—and Worker Safety
By putting safety and environmental issues front and center, waste management companies have the chance to grow their business, create better protective measures and develop best practices that can bring in new investment, putting them on a path towards sustainability.

Management: Learning to Listen: Using VoC to Build Brand Loyalty
Involving the customer in the design concept through the development process is not only satisfying for the supplier, but also rewarding for those who have been a part of the design process.
Shannon Harrop

Maintenance: How to Take Action Effectively Before Critical Equipment Fails
Although maintenance challenges are universal, through the implementation of technology, fleet managers have the power to take control of the problem.
Don Diego Padilla II

HHW Corner
First of Two Parts: Equity in HHW: Realizing the Issue
Do not simply focus on equity as an analytical/intellectual/theoretical “head only” concept. Take it down to the “heart” level with the ultimate goal of taking issues around equity to the “hands” level of implementation.
David Nightingale, CHMM, S.C.