NWRA briefed congressional staff representing members of the House and Senate recycling caucuses on June 1 on two recent studies issued by NWRA on Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging and the Economic Impact of Beverage Container Deposits on Municipal Recycling Processing Costs. Anne Germain, NWRA Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President of Technical and Regulatory Affairs gave the briefing and was joined by Chief Counsel and Senior Vice President for Government Affairs Jim Riley who provided an overview of the association and its involvement in current recycling legislation before Congress.

Germain shared information about what EPR has accomplished in three European countries and the potential impacts that container deposit legislation, also known as bottle bills, could have on municipalities. “NWRA has established itself as a trusted source of information on Capitol Hill,” said NWRA President and CEO Darrell Smith. “Opportunities for our award-winning staff to engage with legislative staff to educate them on the latest available studies helps ensure that Congress makes well-informed decisions on matters that impact the waste and recycling industry.”

NWRA continues to work on heightening the association’s public profile on Capitol Hill by giving issue briefings before the various congressional caucuses as well as providing testimony before congressional committees on topics impacting the waste and recycling industry.

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