The National Waste and Recycling Association has released its 2018 Federal Legislative and Regulatory Agenda. This document details three dozen policy issues impacting the waste and recycling industry at the federal level. A summary of the agenda can be found on NWRA’s web site.

“Through the hard work of our members and our leadership team, we have identified 36 of the most pressing federal issues facing our industry today. We will embark on an aggressive lobbying effort to engage members of Congress and federal agencies on these issues to alleviate burdens and work to maintain a strong and robust industry,” said NWRA President and CEO, Darrell Smith.

Earlier this year, NWRA launched a grassroots program to alert lawmakers at all levels of government to the policies and decisions that affect the waste and recycling industry. This program enables NWRA members to connect directly with their members of Congress and federal regulatory officials to urge support for the policies advocated for in the legislative and regulatory agenda.

“At a time like this, when China has tightened restrictions on imports of recyclables and as we move forward on our legislative and regulatory agenda, it is vital to our industry that lawmakers hear directly from their constituents, our members,” said Jim Riley, Vice President for Federal Affairs and Deputy General Counsel.

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