Steve Changaris, Northeast Region vice president for the NWRA, testified in person and submitted written comments from the NWRA New York City chapter on long-anticipated new safety regulations. This two-part set of regulations will be used by New York City Business and Integrity Commission officials for all trade waste commercial waste haulers until the New York City Department of Sanitation takes primary oversight of new waste zone-contracted commercial haulers in coming years.

The Association supported the twin set of parallel, proposed regulations, noting only some technical concerns with one or two unsafe work triggering criteria as well as questions about where records are best kept and the introduction of a real-time telematics standard for commercial waste zone awardees in the future. “Overall, these proposed regulations line up well with our ongoing efforts to raise industry safety standards in New York City,” commented Changaris. “We applaud their adoption with our offered recommendations for improvement.”

“Safety is a top issue for NWRA. Our field staff along with our national safety director and program are opportunities for us to engage with policymakers, leading experts and our customers to work and improve safety in the waste and recycling industry,” said NWRA President and CEO Darrell Smith. “We too applaud New York City and all other localities for focusing on safety culture improvements for their waste and recycling operations.”

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