OC Waste & Recycling (OCWR) receives the US Composting Council’s “Seal of Testing Assurance” at Frank R. Bowerman landfill’s Bee Canyon Greenery and Prima Deshecha’s landfill’s Capistrano Greenery. This certification signifies that OCWR’s compost offers the highest standards of compost quality, meeting all federal, state and local regulations and permitting.

“OC Waste & Recycling is honored to receive the composting seal of approval,” said Tom Koutroulis, Director of OCWR. “The designated certification assures residents that our ingredients and production processes will provide nutritious compost for yards and gardens to ultimately increase plant health.”

Orange County residents, commercial businesses, local cities and government agencies can request free compost and/or mulch material by visiting oclandfills.com/compost. OCWR’s composting operations provide a regional solution that addresses new mandates designed to steward the environment.

OCWR currently operates greeneries in Irvine and San Juan Capistrano and anticipates the opening of a third at Olinda Alpha Landfill in Brea in early 2023. The greeneries currently utilize open windrow composting technology and will evolve to covered aerated static piles (CASP), and on to integrating multiple types of feedstocks.

The use of compost generates healthy soils, adding nutrients for plant growth as well as improving water retention and quality. OCWR’s compost is created from green waste collected from residential homes and businesses. Composting helps reduce greenhouse gasses and helps to preserve future landfill capacity.

California’s waste industry is undergoing monumental transformation with the passing of SB 1383. The law aims to decrease organic waste in landfills by 75%, thereby reducing methane emissions, and increase the rescue of still-edible food by 20%, by 2025. OCWR is leading the efforts to comply with the new mandates by educating OC residents and is committed to creating a beneficial reuse for material that was once considered waste.

For more information, visit OCLandfills.com.