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In the Spotlight: kmG Hauling: Leading by Innovation

Knowing that image is everything in the trash industry, kmG Hauling has developed a more strategic and environmentally effective method when dealing with all refuse matters in order to ensure that the company remains innovative and is seen as an industry leader that places emphasis on customer service.

Industry Trends: 2018 Year in Review: An Industry in Transition

From the implementation of China’s Sword Policy and changing markets to steps in robotics and autonomous and electric trucks, our industry experts look back at an interesting year for the waste and recycling industry.

Alternative Fuels: Making Sure your Facility is Properly

Equipped for a CNG Conversion Safety, code compliance and cost effectiveness should all be included in upgrading a facility.

Landfills: Using a Mechanically Stabilized Earth Berm  to Expand Existing Landfill Space

Creating more disposal capacity while reducing impacts.

Trucks: Winter Weather: Driving in Less than Ideal Conditions

Understanding the challenges of and being prepared for winter weather is important when it comes to ensuring both your safety and the safety of others on the road.

Waste Conversion: Evaluating the Business Case for Digestate Treatment

Digestate—the nutrient-rich organic liquid and solid residues left after anaerobic digestion—should be a valuable product with multiple benefits when used as a soil additive or biofertilizer. However, due to economic or logistical issues, digestate is often used as livestock bedding or biomass fuel. In the worst cases, it is seen as a waste product—an annoyance that has to be dealt with.

Scrap Recycling: Scrap Metal Fires: Mitigating Risk

There are multiple industries that are critical to our recycling infrastructure that have an inherent risk of fires. With proper planning and investment in proactive detection and suppression tools, we can go from reacting to potential fire incidents to attacking, controlling and eliminating them.

Waste Conversion: Energy from Biomass

Looking at woody biomass-to-energy conversion from a different angle.

Event Preview: SWANApalooza 2019: Getting Technical and Building the Future

SWANApalooza is the place to explore environmental solutions for integrated solid waste management. Hear about industry trends, explore the future forecasting from leaders in the industry, and gain a deeper understanding of the emerging areas for integrated solid waste management.

Industry Resources: PaintCare: “Painting Smarter”

A nonprofit organization dedicated to operating paint stewardship programs across the country in states enacting new paint stewardship laws, PaintCare has collected more than 30 million gallons of paint and helped local governments to save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in paint management costs. Brett Rodgers, Director of Communications, talks about its mission, goals and next steps.

From the Experts: Improving Your Safety Record

Let’s make sure our dedication to the safety culture stays constant no matter what state we operate in and that we do all we can to change the culture of the industry that we all love.