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In the Spotlight: City of Tucson, AZ’s Deparment of Environmental and General Services: No Trash Left Behind
Priding themselves on not only providing refuse and recycling operations, but also focusing on how they can provide a cleaner community, Tucson’s Department of Environmental and General Services has made operational improvements every year and followed strategies to stay ahead of
a changing industry.

Management: Best Practices for Writing and Negotiating a Labor RFP
When writing and negotiating a labor RFP, you will get a more strategic result by expanding your thinking to consider new approaches, working with a consultant to build a sustainable plan and considering all the variables to getting the best workforce solution for your operation.

Facilities Planning and Design: Rebuilding After a Natural Disaster
Develop a plan before a disaster hits to ensure that you can resume operations as soon as possible.

Compliance and Regulations: Trends in Waste Legislation: What Recent Regulations Are on Our Radar
Each sector of the waste industry is impacted differently by various regulations, so it is vital to stay on top of public affairs. As the public and policymakers become more educated in topics like food waste, single-use plastic and climate change, we can expect to see more changes as we move into 2020.

Landfills: The Benefits of an Encapsulated Mechanically Stabilized Earthen (eMSE) Berm
An eMSE berm presents potential new sources of material beneficial to the owner. These not only offset the costs of berm construction, but they also do not consume valuable airspace that can be used for waste streams

Industry Trends: The Evolution of Bag Bans in the United States
Once rare, plastic bag bans are spreading across America.

Oil Analysis: Like Water for Oil: Secrets of Fluids Unveiled
The next time you hear that engine running, think of all the secrets held within the fluids it contains.

Personal Protective Equipment: Protecting Arms with Sleeves
Balancing comfort with abrasion and cut resistance.

Landfills: Geosynthetic Turf Solutions for Final Closure: A Decade of Weather-Resistant and Environmental Performance
An engineered synthetic turf system provides long-lasting, geotechnically stable and environmentally friendly final cover system that significantly reduces construction time and maintenance costs while providing an ideal foundation for solar panel deployment.

Safety: Equipping Your Fleet with Reflectives
More affordable and more important than ever.

Balers: Evaluating Baler Styles
Understanding the basics of each type of baler can help you make the most informed decision for your operation.

Containers: Replace Your Roll-Off Container Parts Before Disaster Strikes
Which parts experience the most wear and when to replace them.

Trash Treasures: 4ocean: Building the First Economy for Ocean Plastic
As a global ocean cleanup company, 4ocean’s mission is to recover and recycle ocean plastic, advocate for sustainable innovation and inspire people around the world to reduce their consumption of single-use plastic.

In the Field: Volusia County’s Solid Waste Compliance Team: Safety Is Job One
Volusia County Solid Waste Management Compliance Officer Tami Lake is an enforcement officer, teacher, environmental advocate, litter sleuth and goodwill ambassador all rolled into one.

Containers Case Study: From Metal to Plastic: Culver City, CA Makes the Move to More Durable Containers
Culver City’s changeover to plastic containers has reduced frequency of wear, tear and replacement, resulting in less workers compensation claims as well as more durability and service years.

Billing Case Study: Mountain State Waste Finds the Right Partner to Process Fees
After upgrading their infrastructure and beginning an aggressive growth strategy, Mountain State Waste needed to reduce their merchant service fees and see some real savings in their billing process.