October 2020
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October 2020

In the Spotlight: The Companies of ASI Waste: Adapting for Resiliency
Although the recycling market and COVID-19 presented significant challenges to ASI Waste’s solid waste and recycling services, the company’s diversification has helped to make them more resilient and prepared for future expansion.

Landfill GPS: Getting a Good Start with Landfill GPS
3 common questions from new users.

Insurance Issues: Commercial Insurance Market Disruption and How to Prepare for Your Renewal
In the current unprecedented market, the ability to access insurance coverage can be a competitive differentiator for your business.

Landfill Equipment: Best Practices for Keeping Your Landfill Equipment Productive and Efficient
Implementing a good maintenance program and operational best practices go hand in hand when it comes to increasing densities and getting the most production out of landfill equipment.

Waste Conversion: The Importance of Waste Conversion Technologies
With the challenges the industry faces, including cost, contamination and soft markets, waste conversion technologies can be more ecological, cost-efficient and create more jobs at the local level.

Safety: 7 Practical Safety Tips for Waste Management Professionals
From packing the right safety supplies to navigating traffic safely, these tips will keep you safe during the solid waste collection process.

Landfills: How Three Counties in Wisconsin are Using Landfills to Look Toward the Future
Shortly after the Outagamie County landfill began accepting waste, Brown County began the process to make sure that its landfill would be ready when the Outagamie County facility was filled. Construction of the Brown County landfill, in the town of Holland, began in spring 2020 and will be ready to accept waste by December 2021.

Guest Commentary: Working Towards a Safer Future
From the proper disposal of hazardous waste, to companies finding new approaches to reduce, reuse and recycle, the world is ready for change. While our economy has suffered during these times, it has given companies and the world a chance to refocus their priorities.

Trash Treasures: Mack Trucks Museum: Where the Past Meets Present
Hosting both customers and visitors from all over the world, and averaging more than 10,000 guests per year, the Mack Trucks Historical Museum in Allentown, PA offers a valuable look into the world of the company and some of the first commercial trucks built in America.

Perspectives: Looking Back on a 50 Year Career
Working in the solid waste and recycling industry for 50 years, Paul Ledieff has navigated the “ins and outs” of several jobs while witnessing shifts in technology, equipment and innovation.