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October 2021
In the Driver’s Seat
COVID’s Big Reveal: Driver Shortages Must Be Solved with Automation
To get and keep more diverse, talented people in the driver’s seat, capital investment in dependable technology is the waste industry’s best recourse.
Tom Malone

Personnel : The Future of Waste Management and Strategies to Prepare Your Workforce
As the waste management sector evolves, it is crucial for waste management agencies and companies to pay close attention,
follow trends and ensure that they have a well-equipped workforce. When done right, these new strategies are good for business and the environment.
Celeste Frye, AICP

Management: The Power of the Partnership
Partners make for a wonderful business asset in more ways than one. They expand your customer base and reach, give you a fresh perspective and provide extra support. The value of cultivating relationships with individuals, clients and businesses takes time and effort, but it will benefit your business in the long run.
Michael Hess

Risk Management Study: Re-Engineering High Risk Job Tasks in Sanitation
Looking at job tasks overall to reduce injuries is a crucial step in any safety program strategy. Every organization should take the proactive approach to create interventions on specific operations to reduce the musculoskeletal injuries and maintain a safe work environment.
Edmund S. Starowicz Jr., Christian Summers and Julie Florek

Odor Control
The Odor Management Space Needs Innovation: Here is Why
Odor management strategies using environmental intelligence are now providing wastewater and waste management sites with the ability to make sense of the ‘information avalanche’. Operational Managers are using valuable insights from real-time environmental monitoring systems to ensure compliance obligations are being met under rapidly changing conditions while saving on capital expenditure.
Andres Quijano

Software: Dumpster Software Buying Guide
Finding a solution that works for you and justifies an annual or monthly fee, should not be like throwing a dart at a board. The right solution will check all the boxes.
Dalton Handy

Solar Recycling : The Impact of Solar Waste on Clean Energy
By creating a national program for solar recycling now, the U.S. can prepare for large scale decommissioning while also providing the necessary materials to build the green economy.
Otto Gunderson

Landfills: New Mobile Landfill Data Collection Tools Help Stakeholders Make Quicker Decisions
Automating landfill field data improves site management.
Aaron Weier and Dave Sedlacko

Containers/Carts: Getting Your Dumpster “Curbside”
10 tips to help you responsibly move your dumpsters and carts to the curb or designated area on
pickup day.
Pedrito Gella

Guest Commentary: American Waste Control: Rising to the Challenge
By continuing to care for your employees, serve your customers the best you can and, most of all, stay true to the passion that you drew from your vision when you first started your company or manager role, the industry will come through this challenging time stronger and more united than before.
Paul Ross

Safety Brief: Safety in the Construction Zone
Construction sites are full of hazards that can cause serious injuries or death unless proper precautions are taken. Driver alertness and training is needed to identify, reduce and eliminate dangers when collecting waste and recyclables from construction sites.
Will Flower

Maintenance: Electrical System Maintenance, Repair and Maximizing Fleet Uptime
Regular preventative maintenance and ensuring that your truck has a team of professionals ready to minimize any downtime for your trucks will help avoid major issues during the lifecycle of your refuse fleet.
Timothy Thornton

HHW Corner: Luminary Interview: Debbie Raphael—Connection Between HHW and Climate Change
How HHW programs are an important piece of climate change through the circular economy.
David Nightingale, CHMM, S.C.