The Board of Directors of the Joint Solid Waste Management District learned its solid waste draft plan update has been approved by the director of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. The plan is updated about every three years.


  • Entered into an agreement with Sheridan Ohio for the printing and mailing of the 2023 Recycling Newsletter in for $110,000.
  • Heard the city of Louisville decided not to explore a trash and recycling contract at this time. It is the only municipality in the district without a curbside recycling program. The district had offered a $20,000 Recycling Makes Sense curbside program startup grant as an incentive.
  • Extended two 2022 recycling agreements for the purchase of glass, plastic aluminum, and steel with Kimble Transfer and Recycling and for the Tuscarawas County Recycling Drop-off Program with Kimble Recycling and Disposal.
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