As city leaders debate the next waste collection contract, Brian Tipton has worked with Hillside Solutions to get the pilot composting program started. He said the neighborhood will begin with one cart for every five-seven households that join, placed in a central location on each participating block.

In total, he said around 36 households have already signed up. The carts will be locked, with a code for users, and the compost material will be picked up once a week.

Tipton said they’re encouraging users to put smaller compostables in the bins. Participants will also have access to a Hillside Solutions drop-off site off Abbott Drive for larger loads of yard waste, limbs, et cetera. “We’re starting out fairly small,” he said, “Talk to your neighbors to your left. Talk to your neighbors to your right, and try and grow this.”

Brent Crampton, Hillside Solutions’ Director of Partnerships said the company is just beginning to offer its service to residential customers. The pilot program comes in addition to a compost club option. It allows any residents around the city to a pay a monthly fee to use the drop-off site.

“Basically our way of getting commercial composting available to residential folks,” Compton said, “It’s also sort of a solution to some of the yard waste issues going on with the city at-large.”

Crampton said their service goes beyond what the city’s compost site offers, or what many individuals may be able to compost at home. The company accepts food waste, yard waste, and items like paper towels, some cardboards and more.

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