Opti-Luxx, Inc. announced a new line of amber warning light products for snow plows, utility vehicles, delivery fleets, agricultural equipment, and all work truck applications. The new line includes beacons, light bars, and warning lights and has already begun shipping to customers. “The new amber products lineup provides outstanding visibility and multiple lighting configurations for each product,” said Bill Wakefield, Director of Sales and Marketing.

Opti-Luxx has harnessed the innovation and efficiencies of their school bus LED lighting products to make the amber product line rugged and dependable, but also competitively priced. “Students deserve safe transportation to be sure, but we’re also relentless about making sure our amber customers receive the same safety benefits and have their choice of the brightest and best LED lighting — that fits their applications — at prices that won’t break the bank,” Wakefield added.

For more information, visit www.opti-luxx.com.