Petro-Canada Lubricants, an HF Sinclair brand, has unveiled new-look product packaging. The enhanced packaging, has launched for 1L bottles across Petro-Canada Lubricants product lines, including DURONTM, DuraDriveTM and TRAXONTM and will be extended to 4L bottles and pails later this year. This follows the successful packaging changes made to the brand’s SUPREME™ product line.

The new user-friendly packaging design incorporates several upgrades, including a wider bottle mouth opening, enabling easier pouring and a smoother flow. The new contemporary bottles are also made from a thicker resin to produce sturdier material to support the integrity of packaging while in transit. Featuring a new label design, the packaging also quickly conveys the product tiering so customers can easily differentiate between products. With a dynamic design, the labels are developed to be eye-catching and reflect the brand’s exceptional product offer.

From heavy-duty on road and automotive, to mining and power generation lubricants – the transition to the new packaging will take place globally. “Our diverse range of lubricants and specialty fluids are developed with our customer’s front of mind, and the new packaging clearly reflects this,” said Paul Lowther, senior director of global marketing at HF Sinclair. “The evolved design of the bottles showcases the innovation of the Petro-Canada Lubricants product portfolio, while also offering enhanced lubricant flow and easier pouring.”

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