Since its 2015 launch in Colorado, PaintCare has managed the collection and environmentally responsible processing of more than three million gallons of paint. The program helps protect the environment by diverting paint from landfills. Colorado’s paint recycling efforts follow a “highest best use” policy ensuring most of the paint collected through the program is given away as is, recycled into new paint and other products, or put to another beneficial purpose such as use in fuels.

“We continue to see increased interest and involvement from the community in paint recycling year after year,” said Kevin Lynch, PaintCare’s Colorado program manager. “In 2019, we collected four percent more paint than in 2018 and processed 11 percent more paint. That’s a significant growth rate and great progress towards reducing the impact of this waste product in our state.”

Highlights from the program’s most recent annual report include:

  • Collected an estimated 742,823 gallons and processed 729,010 gallons of post-consumer paint from residents and businesses from across the state.
  • Added nine drop-off sites in 2019 for a total of 177 sites throughout the state.
  • Hosted 17 PaintCare-run drop-off events and managed paint from supplemental sites that included 28 household hazardous waste (HHW) drop-off events, one retailer with partial-year participation, and 26 latex-only events.
  • Conducted 129 large volume pick-ups (LVP) for businesses with at least 200 gallons of post-consumer paint.
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Author: Your Hub, Denver Post
Image: Your Hub, Denver Post