Since launching its Traveling Glass Recycling Bin Program in early June to serve residents living in municipalities no longer accepting glass in curbside recycling collection, the Pennsylvania Resources Council (PRC) has collected more than 58 tons of glass and expanded the program’s format during its first 100 days on the road.

“Thanks to the support of our sponsors and partners, more than 3,000 households in western Pennsylvania have recycled their glass bottles, jars and jugs in a convenient and contact-free format close to home,” according to PRC Environmental Program Coordinator Ashley DiGregorio.  “While many communities have lost access to recycling glass curbside, glass is still a highly valuable and recyclable commodity.”

PRC’s Traveling Glass Recycling Bin Program, which is free to residents, provides a weeklong service that rotates through a variety of locations.  The self-serve bin setup eliminates the need to interact with other individuals or touch shared surfaces. “Since early June, the bin has visited nine municipalities, including one that collected 18 tons of glass – that’s a 30-yard bin filled four times – for recycling in just six days,” said DiGregorio.  “In addition to the weeklong engagements, PRC has recently introduced one-day bin appearances at its hard-to-recycle collection events as an additional service to residents in western Pennsylvania.”

Individuals recycling only glass containers at PRC hard-to-recycle collection events are not required to register in advance, and glass disposal at these four-hour events is free.  Visit to learn more about hard-to-recycle collection events. At both types of Traveling Glass Recycling Bin appearances, individuals can drop off glass bottles, jars and jugs of all colors (no color sorting required).  Containers should be empty and rinsed, with lids and labels still on.  Bags and boxes used to deliver glass must be discarded off-site.

“Reasons for recycling glass include the fact that glass can be recycled forever,” said DiGregorio.  “Recycling glass requires 70 percent less energy than when manufacturing glass from raw materials, and a glass bottle can go from recycling bin back to store shelf in as little as 30 days.” PRC’s Traveling Glass Recycling Bin Program is sponsored by Owens-Illinois, Inc. and CAP Glass.

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