Peters Township residents have been picking up the pace when it comes to recycling. During a township council meeting, Peters project coordinator Tom Gromek provided a report that shows an upswing during 2020 in the various recycling methods that are available. Overall, Waste Management took away 1,558 tons by curbside pickup, an increase of more than 1,386 in 2019. The tonnage had been dropping since items including glass were removed from the hauler’s list of recyclable materials. “I think the difference is during COVID, you have all these people who are home, and as a result, there’s a lot more waste,” township manager Paul Lauer said.

Through a partnership between the municipality and the Pennsylvania Resources Council, a bin for recycling glass is located behind the main Peters Township Fire Department station on East McMurray Road. “Residents recycled 190 tons of glass in 2020,” Gromek reported, at a cost to the township of $16,415.

He said the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection informed the township of the awarding of a grant to purchase receiver boxes for glass and cardboard, for which a compactor also is located at the fire station. “We anticipate better hauling prices as a result of that, because we would have the ability to work directly with a hauling company,” he said. “We also would be purchasing an electronic monitoring system to detect when the cardboard reaches a certain level, to notify the township.”

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Author: Harry Funk, Observer-Reporter
Image: Harry Funk/The Alamanac, Observer-Reporter