The most comprehensive plan ever to clean up the ocean’s plastic pollution started this weekend. The Ocean Cleanup project is currently out to sea to address the Great Pacific Garbage Patch — a huge collection of floating plastic trash that’s three times the size of France, or about double the size of Texas. To understand the magnitude of this problem, consider that 320 million metric tons of plastic are used each year, 2.41 million metric tons end up in oceans. Moreover, 13 countries have banned plastic bags and three U.S. states – Hawaii, Washington and California – have done the same.

To help understand the issue visually, the team at created the Plastics Waste in Our Oceans [INFOGRAPHIC]. recently celebrated its 10th anniversary of Green Grocery Bags and has been leaders on the issue of how plastic is polluting our planet. The infographic also contains tips for what individual citizens can do to help reduce this problem from a grassroots level.


Plastics Waste in Our Oceans [INFOGRAPHIC]