What would you do in order to be the best like no one ever was in Pokemon GO? Well apparently, some people are already trespassing, getting into car accidents, falling off of cliffs, neglecting their children, and I’m pretty sure there must be at least a couple of dead trainers out there somewhere, all in the name of catching them all. So where does it end? One would imagine that your local landfill might be one of the few places where trainers draw the line because not only are such places pretty nasty, but they’re also quite dangerous. According to a British waste disposal company, however, Pokemon GO players are not dissuaded by mountains of garbage, as a growing number of reports are claiming that people from all over the UK are taking landfills and waste disposal sites by storm in an attempt to complete their Pokedexes.

The company in question goes by the name BusinessWaste and has recently warned players about the dangers of venturing too far into areas filled with hazardous waste. A spokesperson for the company says that there have been multiple instances when the company had to ask Pokemon hunters to leave its premises while other trespassers had to be escorted to safety after being found playing Pokemon GO at active landfills and recycling centers. Many of the trainers were full-grown adults literally playing next to garbage and in one case the company found and escorted to safety an entire family who was hunting Pokemon near one of its landfills. Perhaps the most amusing incident, however, saw “a teenager climbing on industrial bins containing metallic waste behind a factory because (and we quote) “There’s a Jigglypuff here, give me two minutes.”

“This is just the tip of the iceberg,” says Business Waste, “Our clients all over the country are reporting similar problems.”

“We’ve been told of trespassers in production areas, but what concerns us most is reports of people round bins which contain hazardous waste,” says spokesperson Mark Hall. “Real life isn’t like a game, you don’t get to go back to the beginning if you’re killed. Steer clear of rubbish tips and recycling plants, it’s not worth it.”

To read the full story, visit http://geeksnack.com/pokemon-go-players-are-becoming-a-nightmare-for-british-waste-disposal-company/.