Prairie Village’s  pilot program for curbside pick up of food waste and glass recycling will be rolled out to 198 homes in the city, spread across all six wards. Two vendors — Compost Collective KC and Republic Services — will try out food waste collection services. GlassBandit KC will offer the glass recycling service.

Compost Collective will be trying out bi-weekly pickup of compostable food waste at 94 homes, and Republic will be piloting a weekly food waste approach at 104 homes. City staff will use data from both pilots to determine whether weekly or bi-weekly composting pickup would be viable across the city.

At the council meeting, Poling noted that food waste was a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Consequently, he said, it made sense for the city to take a hard look at how to reduce food waste from winding up in the landfill. “Any reduction in the amount of food waste is going to be a significant contribution to our support of sustainability efforts,” Poling said.

GlassBandits will be trying out a bi-weekly curbside pickup of glass recycling at 194 households.

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