In his March 31 COVID-19 media briefing, President Donald Trump commented on the vital work being performed by those individuals in the waste and recycling industry as well as others serving on the front lines of this pandemic. The President stated, “As we send plane loads of masks and gloves and supplies to the communities battling the plague, and that’s what it is. It’s a plague. We also send our prayers. We pray for the doctors and the nurses. For the paramedics and the truck drivers, and the police officers, and the sanitation workers. And above all, the people fighting for their lives in New York and all across our land.”

“We appreciate the kind words from President Trump,” said NWRA President and CEO Darrel Smith. “Our workers are on the front lines making sure that the waste generated during this public health crisis is disposed of properly. These words of encouragement from him about this industry remind people that our work is important. We know from history that without regular waste collection, illness and disease can spread.”

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