Processing scrap can be tough on equipment. It’s true, more expensive loaders can handle the work — but when a maintenance issue arises, it can take days to repair and your costs can soar.

The better way to manage your operating costs while getting the job done is to consider value-priced loaders like SDLG. They’re the perfect choice for waste, recycling and scrap applications where machines take a beating day after day. SDLG wheel loaders are simple machines, meaning operation and maintenance is easy, and operators can stay focused on their work. From the smaller L918F, to the midsized L938F and L948F, to the larger L959F, SDLG wheel loaders are low-cost investments.

Machine reliability in scrap is crucial to increase your profitability — consider tough SDLG wheel loaders to keep your operation running profitably. They’re machines you’ll be proud to own.

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