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Brown-Bear2Proven technology for windrow composting. Landfill operators face an ever-growing list of environmental regulations with which they have to comply. Each new law necessitates additional resources, whether it is another person to handle the paperwork or a change in how you manage the operation to meet the government’s demands.

Brown Bear Corporation (Corning, IA) specializes in composting equipment, all of which has been designed to assist the landfill operator in tackling his waste issues with ease and simplicity. At the heart of their product line is the composting paddle type aerator. This horizontal aerator provides an economical solution for building windrows, blending bulking agents or additives, pulverizing, aerating and water mixing for aerobic composting. The machine’s rapid handling rate exposes 100 percent of the material to oxygen immediately so that noxious odors can be reduced. The machine’s reverse rotation works the windrow from the bottom up and to the side. Ultimately, because of this level of efficiency, the handling costs are very low per ton.

Simplicity is the key with this aerator. This machine works directly into material forming it into a windrow. The windrows can be formed from piles of practically any size. In addition, alleyways are not required with this machine, resulting in a substantial reduction in space requirements. The tires, clearances and propulsion system of the farm tractor or end loader enable work on a regular basis. Oftentimes, its ease of use also means a special work pad is not required.

Another critical feature is the aerator’s low maintenance. The design is simple and, as such, makes for ease of use and repair. The intermittent aerator flights are reversible, bolt on and are constructed from abrasion resistant carbon steel. The sturdy manufacturing and ease of use are just two of the benefits of the aerator. The use of the machine, in general, provides a number of additional advantages to the operator, including eliminating flies and odors, as well as reducing volume by as much as 50 percent, providing a material for daily cover, cell cover or for resale.

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