ASL Arm Rebuild Program Overview:


The program provides the ability for automated fleets to have ready replacement for a high-wear component

Wastebuilt is the premier repair shop for economically extending the useful life of side arms.

  • Provided that the arm qualifies to be refurbished, there is a fixed price for base scope of work.
  • You do not have to own cores – core charges only if not a complete core.
  • Wastebuilt provides a custom cradle for shipping the arms; there is no fee for the cradle unless it is not returned.
  • In the typical exchange, Wastebuilt will ship a refurbished arm and you will send back a worn, but repairable arm on the same cradle.
  • If the core is not repairable within the terms of the agreement, or not shipped back within 30 days we will charge the location that did not ship the repairable core to Wastebuilt $4,500.

Email: Scott Netzer snetzer@wastebuilt.com

Phone: 855-767-8536

Website: https://wastebuilt.com/service/asl-arm-rebuild-program/