BrandArmor™ offers a 5-Year 100 Percent Product Replacement Limited Warranty* (Underwritten by AMTrust Financial). BrandArmor™ warrants that its line of products protected with BrandArmor™ will not fade excessively or undergo excessive color degradation to the extent that the product becomes ineffective for its intended advertising or identification purpose when viewed at a normal distance of 10 ft. for a period of five years.

WOA-Complete-1BrandArmor™ warrants that its products protected with BrandArmor™ will remain cleanable, bright and shiny throughout its five-year warranty period and that dirt and environmental pollutants such as fuel, acid rain, carbon exhaust and even graffiti will be able to be cleaned off of the BrandArmor™ surface without damaging the surface. *Products protected with BrandArmor™ can be cleaned with most non-abrasive cleaners. It is recommended that you first use either soap and water or one of the many citrus cleaners available on the market. In most cases, due to the low energy surface that is all that will be required. From time to time you may need to use a harsher chemical such as Acetone, Paint Thinner or MEK (taking all protective precautions called for on the manufacturer’s instructions) to remove things like paint, tar, or other stubborn stains. Always test your product in an inconspicuous area first but BrandArmor™ is generally unaffected by most chemicals.

If the material fades or undergoes excessive color degradation or does not allow for surface dirt and pollutants to be able to be cleaned off as described above, BrandArmorTM will replace the product or damaged portion thereof at no charge during the warranty period. The foregoing is not applicable to products which have been damaged by neglect, mishandling or other damage including but not limited to abrasions and cuts on the surface of the product that penetrate the BrandArmor™ surface.

BrandArmor™’s liability under warranty is limited to replacement of the product (not including installation or shipping) as stated herein and BrandArmor™ will have no liability for any incidental or consequential losses or expenses. No replacement will be made for any product, which has been in use for more than the five-year period. BrandArmor™ will have no obligation under this warranty until all bills for products have been paid in full. During the term of this warranty, BrandArmor™ employees or agents shall have free access to the products during regular business hours.

This warranty is given in lieu of all warranties express or implied and constitutes TCS’ sole five-year warranty for TCS products protected with BrandArmor™. This is no warranty of merchant ability, warranty of fitness for a particular purpose or other warranty express or implied other than as set forth in this warranty. In addition, there are no remedies available other than the remedies set forth in this limited warranty. Do not use any type of abrasive cleaner or sponge with abrasive surface as it will damage the surface and void the warranty.
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