RevHD Introduces a Severe Duty line of Wheel Seals Specifically Designed for the Waste Industry


RevHD, LLC Nashville, TN has produced a line of severe duty wheel seals that are manufactured to take on the rigors of the Waste Industry.

The RevHD seal offers a feature called the Flex Design; which allows the seal to flex both during installation and when traveling off-road. In addition, the top plate of the RevHD seal is designed to handle the impact of just about any instrument you throw at it – even a hammer. Once installed, this same thick top plate acts as a barrier, shielding the seal against the elements and heat coming off the brakes. There is even a free tube of a unique bonding agent included in every box that will help seal imperfections on the spindle shoulder and the hub bore.

“Everything about this wheel seal is designed to handle the worst application – both during installation and while in use.” said company representative Brian Beathard. “We have designed a heavier, thicker seal that holds up to off road applications and/or vehicles that start and stop frequently.”

RevHD also offers the only no-questions-asked warranty. And, if the shop technician takes their Free online training course; their warranty even includes your brakes.

RevHD sells through qualified distributors in the United States and Canada.

To contact RevHD, visit or call: 844-REV-SEAL.