Do not buy another commercial rear-load truck until you have checked this out:

• Converting your routes from rear-load to front-load containers?
• Thinking about incorporating a recent acquisition into your current routes?
• Would you like to maximize your investment in your rear-load inventory?

johnyjaw3If so, there is no faster, safer, easier or cheaper way to service a rear-load route with a front-load truck, then using a set of Johnny Jaws™ (Bethel Park, PA) with Can Cushion Technology™. This simple after-market pneumatic device can be easily installed in one day at your facility on any truck and body. Johnny Jaws™ allows you to keep your rear-load inventory and convert to front-load at your pace, putting money back into your pocket and dramatically increasing your cash flow (i.e. 55:1 ROI). Their product has been operating successfully in the field throughout the U.S. (i.e. New Jersey, Idaho, Montana, Oklahoma and Texas) for more than two years.
Johnny Jaws™ is compatible with all residential front-load systems, easy to operate and transferable. It is also simple to maintain, as it only has two moving parts and one grease fitting per side. In addition, Johnny Jaws™ is operated from the safety and comfort of the cab with two simple toggle switches. Most importantly, it will not impede the truck’s ability to dump front-load cans.


For more information, call (412) 350-8122, e-mail or visit to watch videos of Johnny Jaws™ in action, review customer testimonials and meet the team.