Recycling pickup in Louisville will move to every other week starting July 12, with residents using new 95-gallon bins.  Distribution of the bins is expected to start June 1 and be finished by the end of that month, said Karen Maynard, public education supervisor for Metro Public Works. “Getting more people recycling more material is a big step in reaching our city’s ambitious goals for reducing the amount of material going to a landfill, helping us protect the environment,” Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said.

The change was approved by Louisville Metro Council in 2019. Recycling is not required in Jefferson County, but the city’s waste haulers are required to offer it to residents.  Old bins may be used for “other household uses or additional storage” but can no longer be used for pickup, according to public works.

Starting in mid-June, Public Works will be posting a form for people to request a cart if they already recycle, do not have an official city bin and were missed during the city’s audit. The form will also be available for people who don’t recycle but would like to start.

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Author: Ayana Archie, Louisville Courier Journal
Image: Sam Upshaw Jr, 
Louisville Courier Journal