Today, Representative Susan Wild (PA-07) and leaders from Mack Trucks joined climate advocates to call on Congress to make bold investments in clean vehicles, electric charging infrastructure and transportation improvements. This event is sponsored by the Lehigh Valley Sustainability Network as part of a $10 million grassroots campaign conducted throughout August and September in 12 states to demand ambitious investments in clean energy, environmental justice and climate solutions organized by the Climate Action Campaign.

Speakers thanked Representative Wild for fighting for clean vehicle investments to be included in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, now titled the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, as well as the Build Back Better Budget. These investments are needed to cut pollution, create jobs, address environmental injustice and tackle the climate crisis. The transportation sector accounts for almost a third of all U.S. air pollution and is the single largest source of climate-harming carbon pollution in the nation. Investments in zero-emission, battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) are essential for reducing Pennsylvania’s air pollution and fighting climate change in the process.

“As our nation looks at the rapidly growing threat of the climate crisis, it’s critical that we meet the urgency of this moment and take bold steps towards investing in innovative, clean transportation and infrastructure,” said Representative Wild. “I’m proud to see that Pennsylvania’s 7th District is taking the steps to prioritize robust energy and infrastructure investments, which will both fight climate change and create thousands of good-paying jobs in our area. I look forward to further tackling this issue by supporting historic investments in electric vehicles, clean energy transmission and EV infrastructure.”

“Mack Trucks, and the Volvo Group as a whole, is delivering on our commitment toward 100% fossil-free sales by 2040 through the launch of zero-emission machines and vehicles, like the Mack LR Electric refuse truck,” said Jonathan Miller, Volvo Group North America senior vice president of public affairs. “In order to achieve a more sustainable ecosystem, partnership across all stakeholders is crucial. Creating the necessary infrastructure, grants and incentives, and other investments will drive the adoption of battery-electric, heavy-duty trucks for a cleaner, safer future.”

Public polling has found that these investments are popular in Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District. Eighty-seven percent of voters in Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District support investments to rebuild roads and bridges and modernize public transportation to ensure it is cleaner and able to serve more people. Seventy-six percent of voters in Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District support addressing the challenge of climate change by shifting to greater use of clean energy and reducing carbon pollution from vehicles and trucks.

“The Lehigh Valley Sustainability Network advocates the extensive development and deployment of electric vehicles of all shapes and sizes in order to drive us towards a fossil-free future, reducing pollution, improving public health, and fighting the dangers of climate change,” said Andrea Wittchen, President of the Lehigh Valley Sustainability Network. “The Build Back Better Budget must provide the kind of bold investment that is necessary to move quickly towards those goals. The Network also supports the creation of good clean energy jobs that this sort of investment will provide.  We cannot wait any longer to make these vital commitments to our children’s future.”

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