Republic Services, Inc. announces that it will partner with three national nonprofit organizations on a $3 million effort to help revitalize locally owned small businesses across America that have been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Republic Services Charitable Foundation is providing $1 million grants to longstanding partners Rebuilding Together, Habitat for Humanity International and NeighborWorks America as part of the Company’s $20 million Committed to Serve initiative.

“Small businesses are the economic engines of our local communities, and they are the cornerstone of strong and vibrant neighborhoods,” said Jon Vander Ark, president. “Independently owned shops and restaurants have faced unprecedented challenges during this time. This support is a natural expansion of our charitable mission of restoring and revitalizing neighborhoods where we live and work to include those local businesses that serve as key staples of the community.”

The Committed to Serve grants will strengthen Republic’s partnership with the three national nonprofits, whose work the Republic Services Charitable Foundation already supports through its National Neighborhood Promise program. Through National Neighborhood Promise, the foundation has funded 47 unique projects positively impacting 1 million residents.

With this additional funding, Rebuilding Together, Habitat for Humanity International and NeighborWorks America will grant funds to their affiliates across the country, which will identify locally owned and operated businesses in need of critical repair, renovation or support to stay in business and thrive following the COVID-19 pandemic. These projects will be selected by Sept. 1, and could include surrounding business infrastructure, business corridors and landscaping, as well as repairs and investment supporting the small business itself.

Republic Services launched its Committed to Serve initiative in April to support its 28,000 frontline employees, its customers and its communities. Since that time, the Company has invested $17 million back into the communities it serves through meals for its employees and their families bought from independently owned restaurants, and through gift cards to employees to be spent locally.

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