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BINPAK Compactors are efficient, cost effective and versatile; BINPAK is a 6-yard waste container that is equipped with built-in compaction using patented technology.

Picked up with a standard front-load collection truck, BINPAK can be used for either waste or recycling.





• BINPAK Compactors offer multiple customer benefits including enhanced safety, cleanliness, and lower cost of handling waste.

• BINPAK is simple to install and operate; connect the provided electrical plug, toss in the trash, hit the green button and you are ready to go.

• BINPAK fits anywhere a standard front-load container fits; instead of emptying a dumpster 4-6 times a week, the BINPAK will allow you to cut collection and related costs to once or twice a week.

• BINPAK is safe; instead of lifting trash bags up high, BINPAK is designed with a loading door that is 26 inches off the ground, allowing easy access and reducing potential injuries and downtime.



Customers with high trash volumes and limited space on their properties love BINPAK Compactors, names you know like McDonald’s and TGI Friday’s, hotels like Embassy Suites Niagara, and Best Western, and many others from the restaurant, hotel, convenience store, grocery, institutional, military and property & retail worlds. Visit our website for pictures and referrals.







Haulers, customers and waste industry partners alike have great things to say about BINPAK Compactors; John from a major hauler has been driving front-load trucks for over 40 years and recently told us ‘I love the BINPAK.  Its super clean and great compaction.  I wish everyone had one’ … it doesn’t get better than that!



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