BKT, Balkrishna Industries Limited, is an international off-highway tire manufacturer headquartered in Mumbai, India. Since 1987, BKT has focused on specialty off-road tire segments such as construction, agricultural, industrial, mining, lawn and garden, ATV, and forestry. BKT has invested in state-of-the-art technology and innovative product design to meet the most demanding needs of the user. BKT has over 3200 quality products and distributes to over 160 countries on five continents.

There are five state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in India and three business unit subsidiaries in the United States, Canada, and Europe. The advanced Research and Development Center and test site is located in Bhuj, India, as well as the Carbon Black production plant and lab.

BKT is a family-owned company driven by ambitious innovation and a strong bond with their partners. They share the idea of a great team in which everyone pulls in the same direction. Their passion for team and sports has led to them sponsoring many sports organizations worldwide. Monster Jam, many European soccer leagues like Serie, BBL, and La Liga, rugby, basketball, Curling, and Cricket are the main focuses of BKT’s sponsorship, but there are many others.

Because of the extensive tire line up, BKT has a full line of tires designed for all types of waste and recycling equipment and every type of job from light to severe.
Because of the extreme conditions in landfills and recycling plants, equipment drives over sharp and rough materials such as metal, glass, rocks, and plastic. The tires on these machines need to be designed to meet the challenges of these environments to provide efficiency, safety, and reduce any downtime. BKT has engineered tires with specific patterns and compounds to meet the differing requirements of both the equipment and the work site.

For loaders, the EARTHMAX SR 41 is an all-steel radial tire with a special block pattern and a cut resistant compound added to provide extra resistance to chips and punctures. The L-4 deep traction ensures durability in severe conditions and provides extended tire life for extra working hours without downtime. It is also dual purposed for dump trucks and dozers.



Perfect for scrapyards and severe rocky and sharp conditions, the EARTHMAX SR 53 has an extra deep L-5 tread design for excellent traction and grip in unstable terrain. The all-steel radial design and cut resistant compounds increase durability and tire life. This tire can be fitted for loaders, dozers, and dump trucks for optimum performance.

The smooth tread design of the EARTHMAX SR 55 is designed for the most severe conditions of waste sites and even mining operations. It has extra cut protection from the smooth design and gives equipment operators increased stability. The tire pattern increases tire life and reduces downtime to achieve peak productivity because of its durability. Dozers, haul dumps, and loaders can all benefit from the EARTHMAX SR 55.

BKT is also developing a full line of solid tires. Currently, the MAGLIFT Forklift tire line has four different models with the MAGLIFT, MAGLIFT ECO with wide lug for maximum distribution, the MAGLIFT ECO RIB for Ground Support Equipment, and the MAGLIFT PREMIUM for heavy forklift operations like port or scrapyards. Many other solid tires are in development for larger equipment and other applications though.

With so many different types of equipment and applications, it is important to assess the situation and the environment to choose the proper tire for maximum efficiency and the best return on investment. Contact BKT’s trained sales and technical staff at 330-836-1090 or www.bkt-tires.com to determine the best tire for the job.

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