Financing Your Next Equipment Purchase in a High-Rate Environment



Nothing would make us happier than to find a product or program to fit your equipment financing needs. From a start-up to an established company, we’ve got you covered. As we grow our company its all to keep our client’s and industry partners’ interests and needs in mind. Blue Bridge Financial is willing to listen, learn and evolve by implementing new loan programs, increasing efficiency, and leveraging industry technology all to provide consistent service. Come grow with Blue Bridge Financial.

• Loan approvals, usually within 4 hours.
• Terms of 24-60 months.
• One-on-One-support with a Knowledgeable Specialist.
• Competitive Rates.
• Loans up to 500K.
• Soft Credit Pulls only.
• Finance 100% of purchase price.
• App-Only submissions up to 350K.
• Individual consideration for every client.


We Offer Diverse Product Options

Equipment Finance Agreement (EFA)

EFA’s are Blue Bridge Financials’ most popular product! The agreement is backed by the business-essential collateral, that the lender takes a security interest in, until the agreement is paid off at which point you own the collateral FREE AND CLEAR!
EFA’s are a great alternative to bank loans due to the speed and ease offered with 100% of the sales amount paid to the vendor and zero to minimal money down.

EFA Plus (Working Capital)

EFA Plus is a product offered as an add-on to an existing EFA approval. For qualified customers, working capital is available up to $50,000 to be added as a second agreement to the existing EFA. Features include MONTHLY payments, expanded terms from 12 to 36 months and LOWER THAN AVERAGE market rates for working capital.

Rental Inventory

Inventory financing for rental equipment is available with the same terms as a standard EFA product. A great option for companies in the rental equipment space looking for financing for their rental inventory.

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