Cambridge Companies offers a wide spectrum of services for transfer stations and the solid waste industry. We know that heavily-used transfer stations require maintenance and renovations to continue performing at their best. With over 20 years of experience, our team provides consulting and construction services to build a new transfer station or renovate your existing facility.

Because Cambridge Companies offers a full-spectrum of construction services, we are uniquely positioned to champion your project from initial design through final delivery.

Transfers Stations are an essential piece of any solid waste management plan. These facilities are used to reduce the distance waste disposal trucks need to drive to move garbage to a landfill site. Garbage is transferred to larger trucks at Transfer Stations and transported to regional landfill sites. Local landfills have been phasing out over the last few decades and regional landfills have become the final site for garbage. Long hauls to regional landfills for disposal trucks would be necessary if Transfer Stations did not exist. Transfer Stations play an important part in environmental factors as well, including reducing emissions and saving on fueling costs.

Using the knowledge and expertise gained through our extensive history serving the solid waste community, Cambridge Companies can help you design an efficient facility to best meet your company or municipality’s specific needs. The Cambridge Companies’ team has provided consulting & building services for over 100 waste facilities nationwide. Our team provides efficiency and functionality evaluations to help lower costs and increase profitability. We have experience and respect within the waste community and can help you navigate the siting, construction, and cost challenges of transfer stations.

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