Founded in 1988, Cambridge Companies is the leading design-build firm focusing exclusively on the solid waste, trucking, and transportation industries serving the entire United States. Having completed over 170 solid waste facilities including transfer stations, recycling facilities, and maintenance shops, we are your one-stop-shop for any project you must tackle. Cambridge’s collaborative and open book way of doing business leads to consistent repeat and loyal customers.
Cambridge is best known for its unique and unrivaled approach to project design which enables it to efficiently drill down to understand its client’s specific goals and then turn those goals into an affordable, durable, and operationally efficient facility. We utilize client knowledge and our years of experience to develop the most cost-effective facility of enduring quality while also ensuring it functions safely and as intended.


Material Recovery Facility, Nevada

17+ acre site development adjacent to the client’s existing operations. Design-build of a 108,000 SF facility including tipping area, processing areas, the tipping area, bale storage, and offices. Site work included 300,000 CY of over-excavation due to unsuitable expansive soils. Site development also included an entrance road with two inbound scales and one outbound scale. This project features modular Scale House construction while also incorporating scale systems and software to be fully automated for trucks already in the system. This project was completed on time and within budget. This facility has a state-of-the-art education center incorporated into it to allow for students and constituents to visit, as well as a private access walkway to an enclosed viewing platform in the middle of the process area.



Construction and Demolition Debris Recovery Facility, Oregon

Cambridge was the design-build partner for a new Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in Oregon. The project included the construction of a 62,735 SF pre-engineered metal building featuring tipping space for the offloading of C/D materials, and a processing area to house the new sorting equipment. The project included 11,500 SF office/support spaces and a site development of 16.41 acres. The site and building were designed to accommodate overlapping traffic patterns while minimizing crossing traffic, as well as allow for future building expansions, equipment revisions, and other modifications to maximize future flexibility. The facility is adjacent to the owner’s current operations, further enhancing their options to accommodate current and future needs with additional capacity. This project was completed on time and under budget which allowed the owners to have additional options for the facility.



Site Work, Entrance Road & Transfer Station, Arizona

Completed a 10-acre site development for a 25,400 SF Transfer Station, Scale House, and Scales. In addition to the private building and site development, the City required improvements to the public right of way including, site preparation, paving, walks, utilities, site lighting, etc. The improvements had to be completed while also maintaining 100% access for the neighboring businesses. This resulted in a complete construction of half of the public right of way, inspection, and acceptance, and repeating the process a second time to not impede access by the business or their customers.



Offices & Shop Facilities, Texas

Cambridge was the design-build partner for a client’s new prototypical Office and Truck Maintenance Shop. We developed a 10-acre site including the construction of a 26,000 SF facility featuring locker rooms, offices, a break area, eight (8) maintenance bays, maintenance staff, operations areas, and a standalone automated Wash Bay Facility, and a Diesel Fuel Island. The facility was designed to be scalable to accommodate future growth. All the shop equipment was procured and installed by Cambridge. All the site improvements had to be coordinated to not interfere with the landfill entrance drive.

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