We are the world leading provider of environmental intelligence (EI).


At Envirosuite, we harness the power of environmental intelligence so industries grow sustainably and communities thrive.



Thanks to our deep roots in science, today’s Envirosuite is the global leader with capabilities across Air, Noise, Water and Vibration. With a presence spanning five regions across the world, our team is ready to bring the power of environmental intelligence to the world.

Environmental intelligence is a technology-driven process, that harnesses the power of big data, artificial intelligence, and analytics tools to produce real-time visualizations, predictive modelling, and actionable insights.

Real-time, intelligent monitoring warns you about developing issues, and points you to the likely source so you can act to prevent/mitigate impact.



EI solutions help in mitigating the risks from multiple parameters in real-time (air quality, noise, odor, water), run simulations of environmental conditions and detect potential issues before they occur or impact surrounding communities.


Waste management sites can use meteorological modelling to pinpoint likely sources of odor complaints in the community.



Environmental intelligence (EI) has made it easier for operators at waste management and wastewater treatment sites to properly manage their risk of impact. New methods are now empowering operators with actionable insights to prevent/mitigate impact, better manage community complaints and enhance overall efficiency at their sites.

    With Environmental intelligence (EI) solution, operators can easily identify the right periods to schedule specific activities and avoid offsite impacts. Operators can get a 48-hour window into the future using insights from predictive models that leverage emissions and weather data. This enables teams to concentrate work toward periods of minimal emission risk, while staying notified in real time for any potential issue in the future.

A pioneer of EI solutions, Envirosuite has a long history over 3 decades working in the environmental risk management space and assisting industrial operations to build better relationships with their host communities.




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