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Industrial cameras with artificial intelligence are more than mere image providers. They can, for example, recognize different objects, generate results themselves or even trigger follow-up processes in connected systems. This opens up completely new application possibilities for image processing across all industries.

AI-based cameras show their strengths especially when highly varying organic shapes are to be recognized, randomly distributed objects are to be localized in complex images and anomalies are to be detected. There is great interest in the market for such intelligent image processing solutions, but in comparison, AI vision is still rather rarely evaluated and used.



What could be the reason for this? In a recent Bitkom survey, every second person questioned stated that they do not use AI in the company for fear of programming errors and lack of controllability. With IDS NXT (www.ids-nxt.com), IDS Imaging Development Systems has developed a complete AI vision system that not only puts the technology in the foreground, but also places great emphasis on user-friendliness and the traceability of AI decisions. The company regularly provides free updates with new functions. One highlight of the next release is anomaly detection. With just a few training images, both known and unknown deviations can be reliably detected in the future.


Artificial intelligence running directly on industrial cameras – with the AI-based vision system IDS NXT, the technology is available for all to use. With trained neural networks for object detection, classification or anomaly detection, the cameras can be used as powerful inference systems. The entire development process from the image to the finished AI application is covered by easy-to-use tools. To evaluate its potential, the company offers the IDS NXT ocean Creative Kit, which includes all components to create and execute an AI Vision application.





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