The family-run company Liebherr is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of construction machinery. Liebherr’s high quality, user-oriented products, and services also receive recognition in many other fields including refrigerators and freezers for private and commercial use, equipment for aviation and rail transport, machine tools, automation systems and cranes for the maritime sector.

Liebherr’s expansion in North America began in 1970 with the construction of its manufacturing facilities and North American headquarters in Newport News, VA. Today, Liebherr operates four different companies across the United States marketing and manufacturing a wide variety of products and technologies. Together these companies provide sales and service for 12 different product segments. Liebherr corporate offices in the U.S. are located in Newport News, VA, Hialeah Gardens, FL, Houston, TX and Saline, Mi and cover the entire U.S. through the different Liebherr branches and distribution networks.

An important industry the company serves is recycling, for which Liebherr develops and produces specific machines. The recycling industry is growing rapidly and in recent years, many scrap companies have evolved from generalists to highly specialized recycling companies. The machines used in the recycling industry must also meet the requirements that have evolved as a result. Liebherr takes this requirement into account and develops machines and equipment options for the respective needs and applications.


(Electric) Material handling machines:

The Liebherr material handlers offer optimal usage for scrap handling including feeding processors and shredders, loading and unloading trucks and containers, sorting materials and waste products, and piling and handling recyclables of all kinds. Liebherr relies on state-of-the-art engine technology with intelligent machine control, which optimizes the interaction of the drive components in terms of efficiency. Liebherr also develops electric material handling machines for the special needs of industrial material handling. These are characterized by lower energy costs, reduced service requirements due to longer maintenance intervals and the elimination of activities such as engine oil changes, which in turn reduces operating costs.


Wheel loaders:

A wide product range ensures versatile and universal use of Liebherr wheel loaders in recycling applications such as loading and compacting bulk material into high “walking floor” containers. The innovative drive concepts of the Liebherr wheel loaders enable a fuel reduction of up to 30 %. In addition, there is minimal tire wear and virtually no brake wear.



Liebherr dozers are ideal for pushing, crushing, mixing, stockpiling and distributing all scrap pieces at landfill sites. At the same time, they compact the waste and prepare the compactors so that they can be used even more efficiently. Attachment grids are specifically designed for use on landfill sites increasing the blade volume and thus the pushing power without restricting the operator’s view. Liebherr diesel engines combine power and economy – the combination with the efficient hydrostatic drive system guarantees enormous pushing power with low fuel consumption.


Crawler loaders:

Whether at commercial construction sites or industrial landfills, Liebherr crawler loaders prove to be the optimal choice throughout the construction, operation, and remediation phase. They can be used for the installation and pre-compaction of scrap, as well as material handling and various auxiliary tasks. For sorting out bulky waste fractions or excavating clayey or frozen soils, crawler loaders with their high breakout forces are indispensable. Their unmatched traction on low-bearing ground comes in handy when pushing refuse, working on embankments and recovering stuck trucks.


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