Save Time, Money and Resources With Custom Mobile Apps For Customer Communications



Let’s face it, the world is digital, and customer apps for haulers are quickly becoming the norm. Be one of the first to embrace digital communications – not the last.

Our mobile apps are proven to help haulers like you:

• Reduce volume and length of inbound calls

• Save time while reducing costs

• Enhance your customer service strategy

• Grow your customer base

• Build long-term trust



Products For Waste Haulers

All of our products can be easily accessed by your customers through your custom mobile app. It’s fast and easy for your customers to download and use.


Collection Calendar

Communicate schedule changes easily with the Collection Calendar.

Customers often get confused about collection days – especially during holidays. Services get disrupted. Sometimes it’s the weather, sometimes it’s a mechanical breakdown.

Missed collection dates, special events and service disruptions all mean more phone calls, more pickups and missed opportunities.

Your customers simply download the mobile app on any smartphone or visit your website and enter their address to get their collection schedule.

They can then subscribe to receive collection day reminders and service disruption notifications via mail, Twitter, mobile app notification, text message or an automated phone call.


  • Reduce missed collections with weekly reminders
  • Easily communicate holiday schedules and service interruptions
  • Reduce reliance on costly customer service lines
  • Empower customers to ‘self serve’ inquiries
  • Custom branded to your organization


Waste Wizard

End the question of ‘what goes where’.

From aluminum cans to commercial debris, our Waste Wizard helps your customers quickly learn what goes in what bin.

It’s built on search technology that’s simple, intuitive and easy to use for your customers.

Quickly provide specific instructions on how your customers should dispose of materials in your area. All in digital, real-time.



  • End the question of ‘what goes where’
  • Save time and money on recycling education strategy
  • Empower customers to ‘self serve’ inquiries
  • Build trust: help customers get correct answers quickly
  • Custom branded to your organization




Special Collection

Streamline requests for special or bulky item pickups

For most waste haulers, bulky items, household hazardous waste and yard waste represent an additional revenue stream.

However, booking a special item pickup is typically slow, time-consuming and frustrating for both you and the customer.

Our Special Collection tool helps your customers self-schedule and pay online for special collections, such as bulky items, household hazardous waste, yard waste.

Captured additional revenue, while reducing calls around seasonal pickup events.


  • Capture additional revenue with quick online ordering
  • Integrate pre-payment for on-call services
  • Reduce phone calls around seasonal pickup events
  • Streamline requests and enable self-service
  • Custom branded to your organization



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