WIH Resource Group (WRG), a Scottsdale, Arizona-based waste, recycling, and transportation management consulting firm, has announced that Rick Kattar has joined the team of experts as the Senior Advisor for Recycling & Material Recovery Facilities. Rick will be providing WRG’s public and private sector clients with consulting for MRFs, recycling processing, and recycling facility optimization, and will also serve as a legal expert witness for WRG’s attorney clients for contractual disputes, standards of care in recycling facilities and the industry, as well as related legal matters.

Rick is an industry expert in recycling processing systems (MRFs, secondary processing, and niche processing), acquisition and sale negotiations of equipment systems and components, RFP development, evaluation, selection, and contract negotiations with operational vendors to provide safe, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for WRG’s clients’ MRFs and recycling programs. He is uniquely qualified to meet the needs of private and public clients through his 30+ years of hands-on recycling operations experience throughout the United States, Canada, and the UK.  Rick is also the Principal of Swordfish Consulting Services and is actively managing his Swordfish book of business and serving the firm’s clients and will remain in doing so.

Says WIH Resource Group President, Bob Wallace,“We are very honored and pleased to have Rick Kattar as an addition to our Team of Experts and to be part of WRG’s continuing efforts to provide exceptional services to our diversified customer base in both the public and private sectors. Our team values every one of our clients, and our client engagements, and takes extreme pride in the work we do for our clients.  WRG owes our ongoing success to that of both our clients, and our team of Senior Advisors, legal Expert Witnesses, and industry consultants.  With the addition of Rick to our diversified Team of Experts, our clients reap the benefit of his experience and expertise. We are very honored to have Rick Kattar as part of our core Senior Advisor Team of Experts.”

 For more information, visit www.wihrg.com.