Routeware, Inc., a leading provider of “smart-city” fleet automation solutions for waste haulers and municipalities, announced they have acquired CCS (Core Computing Solutions, Inc). Market-leading levels of customer satisfaction and innovation have established CCS as a prominent provider of billing and route management systems for waste management companies.

The purchase of CCS, based in Jacksonville, Florida, expands Routeware’s portfolio of solutions that provide integrated end-to-end automation of municipal and private waste fleet operations. Routeware CEO, Tom Malone, stated “In addition to a shared zeal for quality solutions and exceptional customer service, CCS and Routeware already share a seamless data connection between products. Unlike some companies who cannot say when or if acquired products will ever interconnect, we offer products that already work together.”

CCS CEO Nate Piersall said, “Our team is very excited to form this union with Routeware and the portfolio of “best-in-class” products it brings to our clients. Offering a one-stop-shop for leading-edge technologies in a single platform has always been a dream and today it has been realized for our users. This is a total win for our clients who get a much larger organization behind us plus access to leading- edge technologies like route optimization and onboard video/sensors. “

Tom Malone will remain as CEO of Routeware Global. Nate Piersall will assume the role of President of CCS. CCS will continue to operate in Jacksonville, Florida as a semi-autonomous company under Routeware Global.

Malone added: “CCS is simply an outstanding company with an impressive customer base. The addition of Nate and his team to Routeware Global makes both companies significantly stronger.”

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