Safe Fleet Waste & Recycling announces the recipient of the 2021 Public Safety Hero Award. Each year, SFWR customers across North America are invited to nominate the safest drivers in their organizations for a chance to be recognized for outstanding achievements in their field. The selected driver is awarded a grand prize of $1,000. The benefits of safety extend beyond the scope of our individual jobs. Winners of this award demonstrate a high-level of safety that positively impacts themselves, their organization, and the general public.

The winner of the Safe Fleet 2021 Public Safety Hero award is Mr. Levy Lopez, Solid Waste Division, Public Utilities Dept., from the City of Clovis, CA. Ivette Rodriquez, Solid Waste Manager, City of Clovis, submitted statistical data from their Safe Fleet® FleetLinkTM reports to substantiate Levy’s safety record. Ivette also wanted to commend Mr. Lopez for going above and beyond in ensuring someone else’s safety. “Mr. Lopez is an outstanding employee,” said Ms. Rodriguez. “His act of kindness shows that he will go out of his way to make sure not only the employees of The City of Clovis Solid Waste Department are safe, but also people in the community.”

Mr. Levy Lopez has an amazing safety track record as a residential refuse collection driver of over 14 years with zero accidents. This safety record is impressive on its own; however, Mr. Lopez has also demonstrated incredible consideration for others in single handedly offering safety and support to someone in great need. On a return trip from the landfill this past year, Mr. Lopez noted a car pulled off to the side of the road. The driver of the car appeared to be in distress. Mr. Lopez turned his waste vehicle around to check on the driver and discovered the driver was experiencing a heart attack. Mr. Lopez contacted 911 and remained with the driver until the ambulance arrived.

On behalf of Safe Fleet Waste & Recycling, we would like to thank Mr. Levy Lopez for exemplifying what it means to be a Public Safety Hero. Heroes come from different backgrounds and industries. Our waste and recycling workers work hard to ensure our communities and environments are kept safe and clean. The Public Safety Heroes program starts every year on June 1. It runs for the duration of the summer and closes on September 1. We encourage our customers to take advantage of this great opportunity in 2022 to use the Safe Fleet platform and shine the spotlight on a driver in their organization and help increase general safety awareness in the fleet industry.

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