Each week, many people faithfully pull their recycle bins packed with newspaper, glass and plastic to the curb. Those same people make a conscience effort to look for that “recyclable” triangle when they are out to make sure they are recycling everything they can. So they probably don’t think much of buying that pack of disposable water bottles—after all, they are going to recycle it, right?

While recycling is helpful to the environment, it’s even better to not buy those bottles at all. Instead, fill up a reusable bottle. Not only will it save the natural resources used to make the disposable bottles, it is also better for your health and your wallet.

If we took the same amount of oil (17 million barrels) that is used to make a year’s supply of disposable water bottles, we could fuel 1.3 million cars for a year and power 190,000 homes. In addition, using a reusable bottle also reduces your risk of reproductive issues, asthma and dizziness as chemicals contained in disposable bottles have been linked to the cause of these and other health problems.

The team at Printwand.com put together this infographic that contains tons of facts about disposable water bottles and the benefits of switching to a reusable bottle for the environment, your health and your bank account. Want more info? Click here.