SCS Engineers, hired as the Independent Engineer and Construction Monitor by
Fiberight LLC, recently submitted the due diligence report supporting the
construction of an advanced materials recovery and processing facility (MRF)
in Hampden, Maine. SCS conducted the technical, financial and contract due
diligence to support the bond issuance for the public-private partnership.
The project financing included a $45 million Finance Authority of Maine
(FAME) tax-exempt bond issuance underwritten by Jefferies LLC and $25
million in private equity.

The facility will serve 83 municipalities and public entities represented by
the Municipal Review Committee, a non-profit organization that currently
manages the waste disposal activities in Eastern and Northern Maine. The
facility is planning to start accepting waste from their municipal customers
in the second quarter of this year.

Fiberight and its vendors are providing the Hampden facility with advanced
technologies that have been proven at its demonstration facility in
Lawrenceville, Virginia, at many automated material recovery facilities in
the United States and in Europe. The end product is cleaner and provides
more diverse types of materials that can then be reused to create new

The Hampden facility features an advanced MRF with a high degree of
separation, recovery, and monetization of commodity products, and then
employs additional processes for generating clean cellulose, engineered
fuels, and biogas from traditionally non-recyclable materials. Hired for the
firm¹s technical expertise and experience planning large municipal solid
waste and biogas programs and facilities, SCS provided an in-depth
examination and analysis of the technologies, program sustainability, and
potential economic impacts of the facility.

³We want to encourage sustainable materials management because it reduces
our dependence on landfilling and other disposal options and this facility
does that,² stated Bob Gardner, SCS Engineers Senior VP. ³The technologies
at the Hampden facility will help citizens, local municipalities, and
private waste haulers to offset the impact of China¹s ban on their recycling
programs by processing more municipal solid waste into high-value

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